Some of the Best Outdoor Areas to Enjoy in Westport

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Recently, there has been a huge emphasis on outdoor activities. For some, they represent the opportunity to enjoy fun excursions with less worries surrounding transmitting COVID-19 and its variants. For individuals like John Joyce, outdoor excursions represent both that safety and the ability to see some of the natural beauty that an area has to offer. According to John Joyce, Westport, CT, is filled to the brim with outdoor locations that highlight the area’s diverse ecosystem, sights, and entertainment opportunities available to visitors and citizens alike. Here, John Joyce explores a few of his favorite outdoor areas in Westport to benefit those who may want to pay them a visit.


Earthplace is a wildlife sanctuary that offers guests many unique opportunities to learn more about the natural beauty that Westport and its surrounding area has to offer. Earthplace is set on a park that includes over 60 acres of land, dating back to 1958.  The museum located in Westport, Natureplace, contains hands-on exhibits and dioramas that showcase the diverse range of flora and fauna in Connecticut. This provides an excellent learning experience for both children and adults as they get educated on how plants and animals contribute to Connecticut’s vast ecosystem. John Joyce acknowledges that Earthplace is the largest open space in Westport proper, and John Joyce is arrested by the beauty of Westport through its diverse mix of meadows, streams, hardwood forests, wetlands, and ponds. Not only does Earthplace give you the opportunity to see fauna such as box turtles, big brown bats, a green frog, a hawk, etc. in its enclosures, but it also gives you the chance to see some animals that free roam its lands as well.

Westport Farmers’ Market

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Recently, there has been a huge emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and Westport has upheld the belief that fresh and local foods are integral to its food scene for quite some time now. In 2006, Paul Newman opened Westport Farmers’ Market, which very quickly grew into the expansive collection of shops and locally sourced ingredients that stands today. There are over 40 vendors that regularly line Westport Farmers’ market offering a wide range of foods such as vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, meat, baked goods, pickled, products, flowers- you name it! The location is also an excellent place to catch the food trucks that call the Westport area home, as there are many different vendors offering an incredibly diverse selection of eats. Westport needed a place where locals could get connected with local farmers and businesses for a long time, and it has been great for frequent visitors to see Westport Farmers’ Market grow into the great place it is known as today.

Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts

People have been itching to get back to concerts and other live entertainment, and outdoor venues have been some of the most successful at keeping these experiences alive. Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts is a great location to stop by if you happen to visit Westport, as it hots some of the best concerts and summer festivals in the region. From summer to fall, guests can enjoy concerts from a diverse range of artists and genres such as pop, jazz, big band, as well as theatre productions, screenings, and live comedy. One of the best parts about Levitt Pavilion is that it is not an enormous venue, which means that it provides guests with an intimate experience while viewing some of their favorite artists that really keeps shows engaging and memorable. Despite the venue’s location on a peninsula in the Saugatuck River, it is quite easy to get to. According to John Joyce, uber or rideshare trips to and from the venue are affordable and a great way to remain safe if you plan to party hard at Levitt Pavilion.

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